Verizon IBTUF X

January 19 - January 22, 2016 @ Austin, Texas

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Invitation Process

The Verizon IBTUF Forum is by invitation ONLY!

All Verizon Employees are invited.

Invitations are emailed to vendors, turnkey system providers and other attendees. Invites are sent out the week after Labor Day, in September, for the next IBTUF Forum.

If your contact person has changed from the last IBTUF forum please provide us an update,

Verizon requirements: (Vendors, TSP’s etc. desiring to attend or exhibit.)

Approved Vendors only that have a contract with Verizon.

Verizon IBTUF Forum Committee has approved the applicant, meets the business requirements and focus of the current forum.

Process for consideration for an invite to IBTUF: After September 15th if you have not received an invitation and wish to be considered.

Contact your local Verizon sponsor in a regional office and asked them to contact the Verizon IBTUF Forum Committee to be considered for an invitation. If approved, we will send an invitation with specific instructions. Invite may specify attendee only approval.

Exhibit and attendee space is limited, not all applicants may be approved.